More about the project​

SAFESENSE+ will launch a curriculum and open resource toolbox, an interactive online learning environment including a mobile application and a training and a policy adaptation guide (Interactive eBook).

In the next 24 months the partnership will produce the following products:

  • SAFESENSE+ Curriculum and Open Resource Toolbox
  • SAFESENSE+ Interactive Online Learning Environment and mobile application
  • SAFESENSE+ Training and Policy Adaptation Guide

The sustainable SAFESENSE+ project results will:

  • Empower trainers and educators, target groups, and stakeholders to begin to better understand how to improve their structures and institutional culture in reference to OSH
  • Strengthen partner networks through provision of new insides into to the current OSH and work-and-life balance challenges
  • Improve OSH knowledge of all professionals and stakeholders and develop a common governance approach across regional, national and European institutions, through sharing of best practices and high-quality resources
  • Provide an innovative example of how education and training governance can be improved by embracing new technologies and online freely accessible
  • Feed project results into wider (non-VET) services through the recognition of how project outputs can be transferred into other activities targeting OSH for SMEs and Green Jobs

SAFESENSE+ products and outputs will be transferable and adaptable in training institutions and public services around the EU since the Curriculum and Open Resource Toolbox will be developed based on the ECVET framework with specific units, descriptions of learning outcomes, and information about the level of qualifications, and ECVET points. The interactive online learning environment and mobile application will allow the users to access the full range of the digital training material of the project, including the online modules, and to fully use the interactive and collaborative tools, which will result in awareness raising on the important issues related to OHS. The openly shared tools, available in 5 languages will improve the accessibility and encourage the application of digital technologies in OSH for teaching, learning, assessment and engagement.

The project starts in November 2021 and involves 8 organizations from 6 EU countries:

The project starts in November 2021 and involves 8 organizations from 6 EU countries: